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Tired of the same old grind, chasing dreams that always seem a mile away? You’re not alone. Welcome to the club of ‘almost-there’s and ‘what-if’s. But here’s the twist: On The Daily is your ticket out of this club. It’s not just a program; it’s a game-changer.

Think your daily routine can’t lead to big wins? Think again. We’re flipping the script on success. On The Daily transforms your everyday hustle into a journey of meaningful victories. It’s about working smarter, not harder. Say goodbye to aimless efforts and hello to strategic moves.

Relationships feeling more like obstacles than assets? We’ve got the compass to navigate these waters. On The Daily teaches you to steer every interaction towards your goals. It’s time to transform your network into your net-worth.

Feel like life’s just a blur of ‘have-to’s and ‘must-do’s? You’re rushing through the day, ticking off tasks, but those big dreams? They’re gathering dust on the back burner. We get it. It’s like running a never-ending marathon and never crossing the finish line. But hold up, there’s a way out of this loop.

Imagine a life where each day propels you closer to your goals.

With On The Daily, that’s not just a pretty thought; it’s your new reality. Get ready to redefine success on your terms. Turn ‘someday’ into ‘today’. Because, why not?

In the orchestra of life, On The Daily helps you compose your symphony, turning each day’s notes into a masterpiece of progress and fulfillment.


This vision doesn’t need to remain a dream. With On The Daily, this can become your reality. Embark on a structured journey with us to turn these possibilities into your everyday life.


“I feel like I’m constantly busy but not making real progress.” – You might be caught in a cycle of ‘busy work’ that lacks strategic direction, making it hard to see tangible results from your efforts.

“My goals always seem just out of reach, no matter how hard I try.” – This could be due to setting overly ambitious goals without a clear, step-by-step plan to achieve them, leading to a feeling of perpetual inadequacy.

“I struggle to balance my work and personal life.” – This common challenge arises when there’s no structured approach to prioritize and manage your time effectively, leading to an imbalance that affects both areas.

“I often start with enthusiasm but lose momentum quickly.” – This might be because of a lack of daily actionable steps that align with your long-term goals, making it difficult to maintain motivation and momentum.

“I feel alone in my journey and unsure who to turn to for guidance.” – Many feel isolated when pursuing their goals, lacking a supportive community or mentor who can provide direction, motivation, and accountability.


Let us share a bit about who we are

At On The Daily, we understand that true growth and success are not one-size-fits-all. That’s why our diverse team, led by Sharon Hayes and Kyrsten Leigh, is uniquely equipped to guide you on your journey to optimization and achievement.

Meet Sharon Hayes: The Seasoned Strategist

Meet Kyrsten Leigh: The Modern Optimizer

Generational Synergy

We Can Help You Because We've Been There

Whether it’s scaling businesses, navigating personal trials, optimizing daily life, or mastering the art of balance and growth, we’ve walked the path. Now, let us guide you on yours. With On The Daily, your goals aren’t just possible — they’re within reach.

We’ll meet you wherever you’re at right now.


On The Daily

On The Daily is a 90-day comprehensive, multimedia coaching program starting January 16, 2024 crafted for individuals seeking to optimize their daily life, achieve their goals, and master the art of balancing professional success with personal fulfillment. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, self-employed professional or someone aspiring to make significant changes in your life, this program is tailored for you.

With a focus on integrating practical, daily actions into your long-term vision, On The Daily offers an in-depth journey through every aspect of personal and professional growth. From mastering time management and nurturing productive relationships to breaking free from comfort zones and harmonizing ambition with joy, our program covers it all.

Experience a transformative process that’s not only insightful but also enjoyable and seamlessly fits into your everyday routine. On The Daily equips you with all the tools, strategies, and support needed to launch and sustain a fulfilling life, paving the way to the success you’ve always envisioned.


With On The Daily, these discoveries are not just insights; they’re actionable steps that lead to tangible transformations in your life.


In a world brimming with self-improvement programs and productivity hacks, On The Daily distinguishes itself through a unique blend of practicality, personalization, and a holistic approach to growth. Here’s how:

On The Daily isn’t just another program – it’s a new way of living and achieving. It’s about making every day count towards your dreams in a way that feels natural, enjoyable, and wholly integrated into your life.


On The Daily allows you to review the training at a pace that works best for you. You can attend live or watch the replays. Plus, all of our videos have MP3s available so you can take my training with you to the gym or listen on walks.

When you get stuck, we’re just a Facebook contact away or you can get live support through our Q&A calls.


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We’ve been living in so much unknown and limbo in recent years that everything seems to be happening all at once or not at all.

This constant ebb and flow (or sky-rocket and drop-of-doom effect) can make goal setting seem tiresome and even impossible to the point where we don’t get the traction, momentum or fire lit from under us that we sorely need. It can be especially challenging when we’re burnt-out, exhausted or un-inspired yet being told to hustle, grind and GO GO GO 24/7 365!

It’s just not sustainable (let alone enjoyable).

This program will not only pull you out of the lull and uncertainty when it comes to the decisions to make when reaching your goals, but it will give you the leg up you’ve been looking for!

And the best part is you won’t be doing it alone! You already do SO much all on your own – it’s about time you had someone in your corner to back you up and keep you accountable even when it seems challenging, too far away, or damn near impossible.

By enrolling in the course you will finally feel like YOU are the one in control of your own life! As it should be!

And even when life throws those infamous curveballs, you will be SO skilled at catching them due to the resilient and flexible foundation you will have built – you’ll be able to handle unexpected things life throws at you with ease, and even use them to your advantage.

AND, It doesn’t have to be hard.

We’re going to level with you, that doesn’t doesn’t mean it’ll be “easy”, but we can promise you it won’t be hard.

Cause here’s the thing: there’s already a plethora of hard things to manage in life, we’ve all been there, seen it and are living it. Setting yourself up for daily success shouldn’t be one of those things.

And by enrolling in the course, you will see just how fun and simple reaching your goals and optimizing your life on a daily basis can really be!

Here’s How On The Daily WORKS…

Daily Optimization in a Fun and Simple Way!

You and a group of others looking to optimize their lives will be granted access to the On The Daily members area where you will be guided by 4 simple steps to get you started!

Once you’ve completed the Get Started section you will have access to your own members dashboard where you will find your Daily Do’s forms ready for you on day one. This is how you will track your progress and keep your daily micro-wins coming in by ensuring you complete your 5 Daily Do’s each day from start to finish!

You will attend our Orientation Session and 3 Live Workshops with Kyrsten and Sharon over the course of 90 days.

These sessions will be full of gold-nuggets, tools, solutions, teachings and applicable actions for you to take each week.

PLUS you will get 24/7 access to Coach Kyrsten, Sharon and the OTD team if you require any feedback, reassurance or help in any area.

The great thing about this is that you get to form a true connection with your coaches who will be there if you choose to continue your work with her in an additional 1:1 setting or decide to move forward after the program is completed!

You’ll be in great hands either way!

The Answers to All of Your Questions

We will be having 7 live Q&A sessions where we open the floor to you and your questions, comments, musings, and thoughts!

You can bring your roadblocks, challenges, aha’s or questions to these sessions and they will be met with insightful and applicable suggestions on how to get over any speed bumps you may encounter. We’ve got your back, remember!

And the best part about these Q&A’s is this:

There’s no such thing as a stupid question. No matter how “stupid” “unimportant” “weird” “out there” or “complicated” your question may sound in your head, every question is the right question, and you’re encouraged to ask it!

Imagine jumping on the training call with a problem you’re thinking about…

Anything you need to clarify, check in on, need a different solution for, or simply ask about, is 100% valid and we will do our best to ensure you get what you need out of this chapter of the training call.

We have your back! We’re in your corner! We got you!

Accountability Process

When you enroll in On The Daily you will be met with an accountability process that is self-led and also supported by your coaches and the OTD team!

The Daily Do’s framework we utilize in this program is actually less of a framework and more of a daily checkpoint to give you those micro-wins and momentum that will keep you on track.

These daily check in’s can be done in a couple minutes at the beginning and end of each day and you will have the option to go back and review your previous logs to see just how far you’ve come!

You will also have the option to share any questions, roadblocks or wins with your community and your coach in the Q&A sections of the training calls! Get answers and support LIVE every week!

Facebook Community

A huge value of ours here at On The Daily is that no one should feel alone or left behind while on their Journey.

You know the saying “It’s lonely at the top”, that doesn’t mean you have to be alone on your journey to the top!

In the Kickstarter you will be welcomed into the OTD community where you can connect with like minded individuals on their own Kickstarter journey. You can network, support each other, share your wins (big and small) and actually be celebrated for them!

Only supportive, and genuine positivity and growth is allowed in the group, so rest assured you can feel completely at home to be yourself during your Kickstarter experience! That’s what we want after all – for you to be comfortable enough to be the best and most authentic version of yourself while on this journey!

In this Facebook Community you will also have access to your coaches and have 24/7 access to the OTD team if you have any questions, concerns or need assistance in any way.


Mindfulness is one of the most important aspects to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and Kyrsten exuberates positivity in her overall demeanor, and her outlook on tackling issues and problem solving. With Kyrsten you always feel like you have someone in your corner, cheering you on when you succeed and being a positive voice for when   
you stumble.

Actor / Musician / Political Scientist

Your Path to High Performance


1 Orientation Session, 90 Days, 3 Live Workshops, 7 Live Q&A Calls One Life-Changing Mentorship Program

Dive into the heart of the “On The Daily Kickstarter” with our electrifying Orientation Workshop. This isn’t just an introduction; it’s a transformative experience designed to revolutionize how you approach each day. Say goodbye to the mundane and hello to a life charged with excitement, achievement, and joy!

What You’ll Discover:

  • The Daily Do’s System Unveiled: Learn how our unique Daily Do’s framework is more than just a checklist. It’s a carefully crafted system that turns everyday actions into victories, big and small. By focusing on these five key actions daily, you’ll create a rhythm of success that’s both exhilarating and sustainable.
  • Dopamine & Goal Achievement: Ever wonder why achieving small tasks feels so good? We’ll delve into the science of dopamine, the ‘feel-good’ neurotransmitter, and its role in motivating us. Understand how the Daily Do’s system taps into this natural reward circuitry, making productivity not just effective, but truly enjoyable.
  • Transforming Routines into Triumphs: Gone are the days of monotonous to-do lists. We’ll show you how to turn routine tasks into exciting steps on your path to greatness. Each day will become a thrilling opportunity to progress, with the dopamine rush reinforcing your journey.
  • Building a Sustainable Momentum: Learn how the Daily Do’s system ensures that you’re not just sprinting towards your goals but enjoying a marathon of continuous achievements. With each day tailored to propel you forward, you’ll feel the momentum building – a steady, powerful force driving you towards your dreams.
  • Creating Your Personal Success Formula: This workshop isn’t about one-size-fits-all solutions. It’s about creating a personalized Daily Do’s system that aligns with your goals, lifestyle, and aspirations. We’ll guide you through tailoring your daily actions to fit your unique path to success.

If you’re ready to turn every day into a winning streak and enjoy the journey as much as the destination, this workshop is your launchpad. You’ll leave not just inspired but equipped with practical tools to make each day count – all while enjoying the journey, thanks to a dopamine-driven approach to productivity and success.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment with our “Friend or Foe” workshop. It’s time to unravel the complex web of relationships that surround you – identifying who lifts you up and who weighs you down on your path to success.

What You’ll Discover:

  • The Art of Discernment: Learn to distinguish between friends who genuinely support your aspirations and foes who subtly undermine them. This workshop will equip you with the skills to identify and navigate these crucial relationships, ensuring that your circle is one that truly champions your growth.
  • Setting Boundaries: Dive into the art of setting healthy, firm boundaries. Understand how to protect your vision and goals from negativity, doubt, and discouragement, creating a supportive environment conducive to your success.
  • Navigating Challenging Relationships: We all have them – those tricky relationships that are hard to categorize. We’ll explore strategies to handle these relationships with grace and assertiveness, ensuring they don’t derail your progress.
  • Empowering Yourself Amongst Others: Discover how to maintain your sense of self and authority, even when surrounded by those who may not fully grasp or support your vision. Learn to stand strong in your beliefs and decisions, regardless of external opinions.
  • The Impact of Relationships on Success: Uncover the profound effect relationships have on your journey. We’ll explore how the right connections can accelerate your progress and how negative ones can hinder it, teaching you how to nurture the former and manage the latter.

If you’ve ever felt hindered by the opinions, attitudes, or actions of those around you, this workshop is a must-attend. It’s designed not just to enlighten but to equip you with practical, actionable strategies for turning every interaction into a stepping stone towards your ultimate goals. Join us to transform your relationships from potential obstacles into powerful catalysts for your success.

Step into Workshop 2, where we tackle the ever-persistent challenge of time management head-on. It’s time to reclaim your hours from the sneaky time thieves that rob you of productivity and peace of mind. This workshop isn’t just about finding more time – it’s about making the time you have work in your favor.

What You’ll Discover:

  • Identifying Time Thieves: Learn to spot the subtle and not-so-subtle time wasters that are part of your daily routine. From unnecessary meetings to digital distractions, we’ll uncover them all and strategize how to keep them at bay.
  • Strategic Time Management: Discover techniques to efficiently manage your time. This isn’t about squeezing more into your day; it’s about maximizing the effectiveness of the time you have. We’ll explore how to prioritize tasks, delegate effectively, and say ‘no’ when necessary.
  • Routine Upgrades: Transform your daily routines into powerful tools for productivity. We’ll guide you through optimizing your day, reducing decision fatigue, and creating routines that energize rather than exhaust you.
  • Mindset Shift: Tackle the misconceptions around ‘busy-ness’ and productivity. Learn to shift your mindset from being busy to being productive, understanding the value of your time and how best to use it to forward your goals.
  • Practical Tools & Techniques: Arm yourself with practical tools and techniques that you can apply immediately. From digital tools to mental frameworks, you’ll leave this workshop equipped to turn every day into a masterclass of efficiency and focus.

Are you tired of feeling like there’s never enough time? Do you end your day wondering where all the hours went? This workshop is your ticket out of the time trap. Join us to transform your relationship with time from one of scarcity to one of abundance and control. Seize the opportunity to turn the tide against time thieves and make every minute count towards your success and well-being.

In our final workshop, we will tackle the seductive allure of comfort zones that stealthily undermine our potential. This session is a call to arms against the complacency that keeps us from soaring to new heights of achievement and fulfillment.

What You’ll Discover:

  • Unmasking the Comfort Zone: Explore the deceptive nature of comfort zones – seemingly safe havens that are, in reality, barriers to innovation and growth. Discover how these comfort traps can subtly limit your potential and hinder your journey to success.
  • Recognizing Comfort Pitfalls: Learn to identify your personal comfort pitfalls – those habits and mindsets that keep you tethered to the familiar and resist change, whether it’s a reluctance to embrace new challenges, a fear of failure, or settling into the ‘good enough.’
  • Strategies for Stepping Out: We’ll provide you with actionable strategies to step out of your comfort zone. Learn to embrace discomfort as a necessary ingredient for growth, transforming it from a deterrent into a powerful motivator.
  • Leveraging Fear and Uncertainty: Reframe fear and uncertainty from obstacles to be avoided into dynamic tools for personal evolution. Understand how these emotions, when harnessed correctly, can propel you towards achieving your goals and ambitions.
  • Cultivating a Growth Mindset: Embrace a mindset that seeks out challenges and views setbacks as springboards for learning and development. This shift in perspective is key to breaking free from the kryptonite grip of comfort and embracing a path of continuous growth.

If you’re feeling stuck in the ‘safe zone’ of your comfort but yearn for more, this workshop is your roadmap to liberation. It’s a vital step in shedding the restraints of comfort and embracing the exhilarating journey towards your true potential. Join us to turn your comfort zone from a kryptonite that weakens you into a challenge that strengthens and propels you forward.

Order Now and Receive the 3-Week Year of a Lifetime Goal Setting Live Group Program as a Free Bonus (a $149 Value!)

If confidently setting and reaching your goals has been a struggle for you, Year of a Lifetime will reveal the root issues behind that, how to get clear on what you really want and how to progress in the right way to ensure success!


The Year of a Lifetime program includes three 90-minute live classes with Sharon Hayes including Q&A as follows:


Enjoy Early Bird Pricing until January 15th 5pm ET / 2pm PT!

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On The Daily



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Starts January 2, 2024

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About Sharon

Sharon Hayes is a growth architect and business strategist.

She currently serves as CEO of Venture Asset Group Incorporated and is the chairwoman of multiple corporate boards. With business experience spanning over 3 decades, Sharon has built over two dozen businesses with an impressive client roster that has included hundreds of well known corporate brands, educational institutions, politicians and celebrities. She has also worked extensively with organizations of all sizes on strategic growth objectives.

Sharon is extremely passionate about personal growth and mindset mastery. As both a teacher and a student, she has trained over 3,000 individuals in her goal setting framework and continues to be mentored by several of the world’s leading experts in personal growth.

Sharon is a proud alumni of John Molson School of Business (Concordia University).

Sharon’s other passions include travel, cryptocurrency, domain names, gamification, continued learning, human design, guitar playing, charcuterie, and motivation research.

About Kyrsten

Kyrsten Leigh is a Optimization Coach, and co-founder of On The Daily.

A multi-faceted artist, Kyrsten is an actor, singer, songwriter and martial artist. She has produced her own original music, is an alumni of Vancouver Film School and has trained for 20+ years holding a high brown belt in taekwondo and black stripe in karate and instructed fitness kickboxing all while being mentored by world champion senseis and gold medalists.

Kyrsten has traveled the world in a carry-on; living in 11 different countries and embracing the digital nomad lifestyle. During her time abroad, she realized that keeping your day-to-day optimized can allow you to accomplish more than you thought; whether that’s extensive travel, building a career, or nurturing relationships. These lessons and trials would prove their value in unexpected ways when she navigated a family member’s terminal health prognosis and the chaos that creates in life, relationships and life as you know it.

What she discovered was that in order to achieve all the dreams she desired and knew were meant for her, while simultaneously handling these life altering challenges, it was imperative to keep her mind, body and soul healthy and empowered. Kyrsten helps entrepreneurs get from where they are now to where they want to be, even when life seems hard or impossible.

Kyrsten’s passions include travel, artesian food, music, film, renovation projects and horseback riding.


We accept PayPal or credit card. Please contact us if you’d like to make payment via ACH.

No worries! We will post the replays within 2 business days. You can submit your questions in advance of the Q&A calls. We post the replay within 24 hours.

On The Daily is a comprehensive program designed to help individuals integrate success into their daily routines, covering everything from time management and relationship navigation to personal growth and professional development.

The program is ideal for entrepreneurs, professionals, coaches, and anyone looking to optimize their daily life for success, balance, and fulfillment. It’s especially beneficial for those seeking a practical approach to achieving their goals.

The program starts on January 16, 2024 and continues for 90 days.  It’s structured to allow participants to integrate the learnings and practices into their daily lives in a manageable and sustainable way.

No special tools are required. Participants may benefit from having a way to take notes and track their progress, but the program is designed to be accessible with just your commitment and willingness to engage. If you want to attend the Orientation Session, Workshops and Q&A sessions live, you will need to use Zoom.

Absolutely! On The Daily is designed with busy individuals in mind. The strategies and practices taught are meant to be integrated into various lifestyles, no matter how hectic your schedule may be.

On The Daily stands out due to its practical, daily action-focused approach, its customization to individual needs, and the unique combination of Sharon Hayes and Kyrsten Leigh’s cross-generational expertise.

Attend the Orientation Session live and if you decide that the program is not a good fit for you, then just let us know and we’ll refund your money!

Yes, participants will have access to the program materials, allowing you to engage with the content at your convenience.


We accept PayPal or credit card. Please if you’d like to make payment via ACH.


The program content is geared to people from beginner to advanced levels. If you run into any stumbling blocks, you can always ask for help.


This is a group coaching program and we only accept a limited number of people on it. Consequently, we do not offer refunds but we will work with you to make sure you receive the promised support.


No worries! You can submit your questions in advance. We post the replay within 24 hours.


Orientation sessions are 1:1 calls with CYSP program participants and a member of our team. We’ll make sure you are able to access all the parts of the program so you don’t miss out on anything. We’ll also spend some time finding out about your business and goals. We try to schedule these within the first 2 weeks of the program.